Estelle Gilson

When I arrived in San Diego from New York after the paintings and art objects I owned had been stored for over a year, I unpacked to find damaged canvases, broken frames and fractured figurines. I knew no one in San Diego and chose Heritage Art Restoration solely on the basis of its attractive web site.

I was lucky. Not only were Seyo Cizmic's prices reasonable, but he was thoughtful and caring about the first pieces I left with him. They were ready when promised, and to my delight, looked far better than I anticipated. Over a period of time Seyo has repaired and restored oil paintings and their frames for me (I hope he can post before and after on this site) and a number of broken figurines - all wonderfully. If I were marking on a scale - Heritage Art Restoration would be a 10!

Paul and Marsha Alesi

I inherited an oil painting that has been in my family since the 1930's. My son slipped, lost his balance and put his hand right through the painting causing a large tear that went in four different directions. We were devastated, but what could we do, accidents happen. My wife and I looked for about four months for someone that would have the compassion for the restoration of this oil painting that we had as being the temporary care takers until it passed to the next generation. We would want this to be brought back to the condition it was in before the accident. We found Heritage Art Restoration Studio. Mr. Seyo Cizmic is a master. Not only did he bring it back, but he brought it back to what I can imagine it looked like in 1931 when the artist first put brush to canvas. It was so magnificent that both my wife and I teared up when we saw it.

Mr. Cizmic re-stretched, repaired, painted, cleaned, over laid it onto a new canvas backing and rebuilt the frame for an incredible cost that I know no one of that caliber of skill could compete with. I hope that he puts the before and after pictures on his site for everyone to see how incredible it all turned out. I would highly recommend Heritage Art Restoration Studio to anyone that has a painting that is priceless to them that needs anything from a little TLC to a complete restoration. In the end, Mr. Cizmic told us that he fell in love with the painting as it came back to life. What better compliment could be said than that?

Nica Kolasa - Amazing, Tasteful Job!

Seyo is wonderful! He listened to my concerns about not making my lithograph too flashy or look brand new. It was damaged badly during shipping and it had some scratches on the frame from before the shipping accident as well. Seyo matched the coloring on the lithograph perfectly--it retained the older, original look but just looked cleaner than I can ever remember it looking. I was beyond impressed. I will use Heritage Art Restoration again for sure.

Stella Rogers - Wow and Wow!

When my husband and I went to pick up the 70 year old family paintings we needed cleaned and restored, we had no idea they would look so amazing after Seyo worked his magic on them. We are so glad we took the time and money and invested in the family heirlooms that were in very bad shape. Now we can hang them proudly and our children will be able to enjoy them for generations to come. Thank you Seyo, I will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends!

Dave Hutchinson

Dealing with Seyo Cizmic was a totally unexpected pleasure. In shipping an extremely valuable, large, collector's quality oil painting across country, it became severely damaged and I was devastated. I searched for, but didn't expect to find, the kind of expertise that I presumed was required to at least make the painting presentable. At the first meeting, Seyo's professionalism convinced me that I had found the right person. His restoration work in fixing the specific damage and refreshing the balance of the painting and custom plaster frame was absolutely first rate. The painting now looks better than it has in years with no indication that anything was ever wrong. I was prepared to pay a significantly large amount for this restoration work but was pleasantly surprised at how fair the charges were for his artistry. He is a gentleman to deal with and an old world master. I will sing his praises loud and clear and remember his quality work every time I look at the painting on the wall. Thank you, Seyo.

Jay A. Stout

I collect fine, limited edition, aviation lithographs signed by important historical figures. Recently, two of them fell from their mounts and were badly scratched and torn by broken glass. I felt that there was little I could do with them beyond salvaging the signatures. Instead, I met with Seyo at Heritage Art Restoration Studio—which is tidy and airy and has plenty of parking. He gave the prints a hard look and did not over-represent what he might be able to do to restore them; slick-finished lithographs offer fewer options for repair than oil and canvas. In the end, I am stunned by his work. I literally cannot tell where the damage was. The prints look brand new. Moreover, he finished the job early and at a very reasonable price. Such a talent! I wish every craftsman was as talented and business-minded as Mr. Cizmic. Very heartily recommended!


I received the before and after pictures and all I can say is WOW - I cannot even believe the difference when I look those pictures side by side! This painting was in my home as I grew up as a child and has a lot of sentimental value for me - my father passed away when I was 12 and so many of the family photos I have from my childhood before he passed had this painting in it - it was always in our dining room and reminds me of those years in the past.

Thank you so much for the fabulous job that you and your team did to restore this painting that holds so many memories for me - It is now here in my home in Colorado over my staircase and I see it every day.

With much appreciation for your efforts and talent,
- Ingrid