Custom Picture Framing

We provide custom picture framing, including shadow boxes, gallery wraps, matted designs, sink float, mirrors and more. We have over 4,000 frame samples on display to ensure that we will find the right design for our customers. Our goal is not only build the right frame for our customers, but to make it a positive experience that will keep them coming back for their future framing needs.

For more information, please visit Dove Custom Picture Framing.

Water and Fire Damaged Art Restoration in San Diego, CA

We have over 30 years of experience restoring artworks damaged by water and fire. Our services include:

We look forward to working with you to return your damaged artwork back into its original condition.

Photograph Restoration

Our studio provides exceptional quality photo restoration performed by professional photograph restorers. Using the latest tools and technology, we can perform every aspect of photo manipulation, from treating scratches and tears to changing the background.

Art Installation Services

We offer solutions for every type of art and antique installation projects, ranging from simple, everyday picture hanging, to the most complex and demanding installations. Our clients include private home designers, art collectors, corporate offices, and museums.

Canvas Stretching

We stretch canvases as a common support medium for artists to paint over, or to prepare the pre-painted canvas for framing. We stretch the canvases by stapling the canvas either on its edge, which is a regular stretch, or on its back. A canvas stapled onto its back, or a Gallery Wrapped canvas, can have hanging mechanisms directly attached into the stretcher bar to be hung without a frame.

For every stretching project, we use different sizes of wood stretcher bars to make sure that the stretcher bar is strong enough to hold the canvas being stretched.